Looking for inspiration? Whether you seek the perfect setting for your own little regency or just want to fill your imagination with a new holiday spot, picture this. All of these homes and many more are available for rent in England. You could go back in time quite literally, if you only had the blunt.

Listings for all homes can be found HERE

The Old Rectory (16th Century)

Preston Hall (Georgian)

Westward (Georgian)

Lavethan (16th Century)

Old Whyly (17th Century)

Blervie (18th Century)

Winstone Glebe (Georgian)

The (Other) Old Rectory (17th Century)

Holgate Head (17th Century)

Little Mystole (Georgian)

Hallington Hall (18th Century)

Kippenross (Georgian)

Golden Grove (Elizabethan)

Grove House (15 Century)

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